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we will include one mini squishy style football with all orders through the end of this year!


Energiaproducts.org is the product arm of CEMI, developed to make it easier to obtain Energia products.

  • Energia products are made with quality materials and most are handcrafted workmanship.
  • The color pattern on the Energia products acts like a “magnet” to children and draws the attention of young people and adults.
  • Because of the unique design Energia products make an excellent tool with which to share the “Good News!”
  • Energia products are used worldwide by children’s workers, missionaries, and lay individuals in over 115 countries.
  • The Energia design was developed by Mike & Betty Morris.
  • It is our desire to give personal service to each customer.
  • We stand behind our products.
  • For international shipping please email or phone for pricing.

For more information about Mike & Betty or to look at the ministry arm of CEMI you can go to www.childrensevangelisticministries.org

Childrens Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.
12358 E. F Hiway
Moundville, MO 64771
cemi.mike@gmail.com 417-549-0902

Featured products

Energia Jumbo Soccer Ball

Energia Jumbo Soccer Ball

Energia Key Chains

Key chains have an approximately 2 inch replica of the Energia soccer ball.
From $2.50

Energia Mini Soccer Ball

Energia Mini Soccer Ball 32 Panels. Approximately 6 inch diameter (the 5 colors on the ball are gold, black, red, white & green)

Energia Soccer Ball

Energia Soccer Ball 32 Panels in size 5
From $10.50