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Energiaproducts.org is the product arm of CEMI, developed to make it easier to obtain Energia products.

  • Energia products are made with quality materials and most are handcrafted workmanship.
  • The color pattern on the Energia products acts like a “magnet” to children and draws the attention of young people and adults.
  • Because of the unique design Energia products make an excellent tool with which to share the “Good News!”
  • Energia products are used worldwide by children’s workers, missionaries, and lay individuals in over 115 countries.
  • The Energia design was developed by Mike & Betty Morris.
  • It is our desire to give personal service to each customer.
  • We stand behind our products.

For more information about Mike & Betty or to look at the ministry arm of CEMI you can go to www.childrensevangelisticministries.org

Childrens Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.
12358 E. F Hiway
Moundville, MO 64771
cemi.mike@gmail.com 417-549-0902

Featured products

Bar of Many Colors Handcrafted Soap

The Bar of Many Colors is a handcrafted goat milk soap.
From $5.00


For those who wish to make a donation to Childrens Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.

Energia Jumbo Soccer Ball

Energia Jumbo Soccer Ball. Multi-Color: Red, Gold, White, Green & Black. THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT. PLEASE ALLOW 6 TO 8 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

Energia Mini Soccer Ball

Energia Mini Soccer Ball 32 Panels. Approximately 6 inch diameter (the 5 colors on the ball are gold, black, red, white & green)

Energia Soccer Ball

Energia Soccer Ball 32 Panels in size 5. Comes in the five Energia colors of Red, White, Gold, Green & Black.
From $14.00

Energia Stress Ball

Approximately 5 inches in diameter. Weight 2.5 ounces. Fiber filled in soft durable material.